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Shipping :

Europe:  goes by international Portuguese blue Mail with tracking number

Rest of the world: registered shipping


Waiting time :


Portugal: 1-5 days

Rest of the world: 1-2 weeks



Resin items are all made to order / pre order (unless it says unique piece on the description of the product) , this means that your item isn't made yet. After I get your order , I start working on it as soon as possible. The time that will take me to make your item can vary from 2 days to 2 weeks.


Sometimes the product can be already made, but other times when I have a bigger amount of orders I'll take more time to make it.

Also, when I´m having cons / events, it will take more time to make your order.

When I'm having cons, all orders will be delayed, not only resin related orders, but also mold orders, sticker orders, etc.


All hand painted pieces have glitter on it, but you can ask me to not put glitter. While purchasing just add a note saying "no glitter", and I'll make your piece wihout glitter.

There are 2 glitters that I add: the normal and the star/bling shaped. You can also choose only one of those.


Never clean your resin pieces with alcohol or acetone, that will damage your piece, it will lose its shiny. Please clean it with soap and water only.


Please double check your address. If your address is incorrect, the parcel will return to me and you'lle have to pay another shipping to get it.

If you have any question please send me a message !

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